Terms and Conditions

  1. The amount that we quote on our website, or any of our advertising platforms are subject to individual requirements and not a fixed price
  2. The time estimated to complete a project is an estimation. As many factors ie alterations, additions, holidays can effect the time spent on the project, and we are not liable or responsible for loss of earnings because of this
  3. If an alteration or change is required in the development phase of any project then this is subject to an additional charge, changes in the design phase are free only
  4. Any additional time spent on your project that goes beyond the agreed time will be chargeable
  5. Every additional hour spent on your project that has gone beyond the agreed time will be charged at £10 per hour
  6. Before any additional requirement is added to a project first their must be a quotation agreed before proceeding
  7. Our refund policy states we do not refund or exchange on projects that we have already began work on
  8. We have the right to cancel or pause a project at stage of the build
  9. When renewing your hosting with us prices may be subject to change from the original price paid in the first year
  10. Prices stated on Gumtree.com,Yell.com, Facebook,com and Chimpare.com are subject to differ according to your requirements and are not fixed.
  11. On all projects we require a 50% down payment to start the project and 50% on completion. Once the project is completed from our end and the invoice isnt paid within 5 working days then we will charge £10 each day that the invoice goes unpaid


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