Go Darpan

Go Darpan

Darpan stands for a mirror in Hindi. Darpan is an attempt at bridging the informational gaps between the elected representatives and the citizens, we are trying to create for a platform that results in a better governance system with informed decisions being undertaken by the elected representatives.

Specifications and Features

User Side

  • Basic features
  • Homepage without login
  • News feeds and can like, Comment, Share on that feed. (Docks, Blog, Activity, Speech, Discussion, Image gallery, Video Gallery)
  • Search member and constituency of india.
  • User can follow and subscribe Member and Docks account
  • Network of following and followers
  • Constituency menu
  • Grievance
  • Notification
  • User Profile

Member Side

  • Basic features
  • Dashboard
  • Profile Manager
  • Blog
  • Grievance
  • Discussion
  • Speech
  • Meeting Notes
  • Contacts


App and Website Screens

Web Design            App Development