Near Miss

Near Miss

The MIS HAP app is a fantastic way to alert someone of an accident so the follow up corrective actions can be carried out by creating a PDF report that can be emailed to a multiple of persons. The report allows the user to describe the accident, incident or near-miss and add photos where possible.

o, by reporting these smaller events, corrective actions can be put in place. What is a corrective action? Well, these are safety stops or barriers to stop, eliminate or reduce the severity of the incident if it were to happen in the future.

Reporting a near-miss or incident today can stop it turning into a major accident tomorrow for yourself or someone else!

Some Features

• Near-miss: a situation that had the potential to cause injury, harm or property damage but none was actually sustained
• Incident: this is where an unexpected, none planned event takes place resulting in the damage of property
• Accident: an unfortunate event that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally,
typically resulting in injury


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